Color Training Bumper Plates (Set of 2)


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For competition-colored bumper plates calibrated for weight accuracy that don't cost a fortune, look no further than ProsourceFit Color Training Bumper Plates. split ProSource Color Training Bumper Plates are our premium bumper plates, made with high quality durable rubber that can take a beating. Colored and marked to IWV competition standards, the vivid color-coding makes them easy to distinguish and cohesive with Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit. Each plate is also calibrated to competition standards for the most accurate weights. With a durometer measurement of 88, they feature minimal bounce for ease of use and safety. Each plate has a diameter of 450mm and is 30mm thick and fit on Olympic barbells with two-inch sleeves. These are perfect for practicing and perfecting Olympic lifts, big 3 lifts, CrossFit WOD's, and general strength training. Best of all, their affordability makes them perfect for anyone opening a gym, building their own home gym, or working with a budget.Bullets Colored and marked to IWF Olympic standards Calibrated to within 15 grams of target weight Durable for CrossFit boxes, weight training, and home gyms Sold in sets of 2 Warranty:a 3 year warranty is offered on all plates for both commercial and residential use split Durometer measurement:885 Collar opening:50.4mm0.2mm Weight tolerance:15grams 5LB:diameter:450mm2mm thickness:30mm2mm 35LB:diameter:450mm2mm thickness:41mm2mm 45LB:diameter:450mm2mm thickness:53mm2mm 55LB:diameter:450mm2mm thickness:60mm2mm Material: Rubber; zinc steel inserts