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Working off the feast this Thanksgiving

Snake River Farms Feast On Table

Working off the feast this Thanksgiving

It’s very common in health culture to think you need to head out for a ride or hit a (home) gym for a sweat session to work off a big meal, especially around the holidays. And we’re so used to hearing about it, we don’t even realize how unhealthy this kind of negative mindset can be.

Santa Cruz Bicycle SaleIf you go for a ride every day and have plans to go out before the cooking starts, you should do whatever length of the ride makes you feel good.

If you don’t ride daily, or want to give yourself a day off, there’s no reason to force yourself out the door to “make room” for a meal—food is not earned by exercise.

One thing to note is that if you have a big workout on the next day, avoiding foods like high-fiber or high-fat options will be better for your workout.

Instead of focusing on working off your meal, reframe your mindset. Focusing on the intention of your meal. Thinking about what you’re most looking forward to, how you intend to carry out your intentions, or how to be gentle with yourself, can begin the reframing process.

Are you the kind of person weighing yourself as a health marker, remember that daily weight fluctuations are normal, no matter what type of meal you’ve eaten? Foods such as rolls or green bean casserole can be high in carbs or sodium, which causes your body to retain water.

OnePair Ryders Anywhere-Focusing on enjoying time with your household, relaxing during a pandemic, having the time to cook and prepare a meal, how nice it is to (virtually) engage with people, creating new traditions, and what your body can do as a result of fueling with enough energy via delicious food.





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Brain is the Ride

Cycling doesn't just make us feel good; it actually builds a bigger, more connected brain. As we pedal, we increase healthy blood flow to the entire body, including the brain. … Cycling fires up extra nerve cells, intensifying the creation of a protein called BDNF that stimulates the formation of new brain cells.

All aerobic exercise can be good for the brain as it helps to maintain blood flow to the organ, providing it with a supply of nutrients and oxygen. People who exercise regularly often find that their judgment, learning, and thinking remain sharp as they age.

Aerobic exercise, of which running and cycling are great examples, can significantly reduce feelings of anxiety, potentially preventing anxiousness from developing into full-blown panic attacks or disorders.

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ProsourceFit 2-in-1 Hexa Massage Roller Review

2-in-1 spike medicine roller blue

After all of the work that you put in at the gym to build muscle and get healthy, you want to keep your body flexible, functional, and injury-free. Relieve tight, sore muscles and increase range of motion with the ProsourceFit 2-in-1 Hexa Massage Roller. split For the athlete who is familiar with foam rolling and ready for a deeper massage, this is a great intermediate or advanced fitness tool. The ProsourceFit Hexa Massage Roller adds another dimension to standard, smooth foam rollers with firm but flexible raised bumps, designed to provide a deeper self-myofascial release. The sturdy structure is filled with a solid foam interior to provide extra durability and support for a long-lasting exercise tool you can count on.The hexagonal bumps help to release trigger points so you can reduce pain, stretch deeper, and increase range of motion.A convenient design gives you both a full-length roller, as well as a twist-apart option for a half-size roller, making it perfect for at-home use and travel. Designed for muscle recovery and injury prevention through myofascial release. Effectively releases trigger points in calves, thighs, and back Two-in-One feature – twist apart to use separately as two 12 pieces, or combine for a full 24 inch roller Hexagonal bumps are firm yet flexible for the ultimate finger-tip-like massage Filled interior offers solid support and durability Increases blood circulation and range of motion Made with EVA foam and ABS plastic split Measurements: 24″H x 5″DWeight: 2.5 lb.Material: EVA foam; ABS tubeCare: To clean your foam roller, wipe gently with soap and water and a soft cloth, or use an antibacterial wipe to disinfect. Applying a disinfectant spray after each use can also help keep your roller sanitary.

ProsourceFit Sports/Outdoors Purchase 2-in-1 HEXA Massage Roller 24″x5″/ 12″x 5″ from ProsourceFit with the links below to support this site. Get 2-in-1 HEXA Massage Roller 24″x5″/ 12″x 5″ today. Click Buy Now for your new 2-in-1 HEXA Massage Roller 24″x5″/ 12″x 5″ today.

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What Style of Biker Are You?

From touring to off-road riding to track riding to cyclo-riding to recreational biking—there are almost as many different styles of riding as there are bikes. The following is a discussion of three of the most popular styles of biking today.

Street/Urban Riding

Street/Urban riding is when you bike through urban areas, ride on ledges and other man-made obstacles. Some riders execute tricks as well as stalls and grinds. Hybrid bikes, sometimes called city bikes, are typically used for street/urban riding. Hybrid bikes are a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. Most have front suspension with wide comfortable seats and upright handlebars.

Free Riding

The essence of free-riding has its origins on the shores of British Columbia. As some free riders have explained it, free riding is more than just riding, it’s about riding with your friends and doing things on your bike that push the limits of both yourself and your bike. It’s not about being the fastest or coming up with a new trick. Rather, it’s about being totally free on your bike. Freeriding is different for everyone. Essentially, when you ride for pure enjoyment, do your own thing, in your own way, that’s free-riding–making it more of a mindset than a structured style of riding. For example, you could free ride downhill, cross-country or down the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland.
Many freeride bikes closely resemble downhill bikes and weigh as much, although they are usually designed to be easier to pedal. Freeride bikes should be in the 30 to upper 50-pound range, have a steeper angled frame in order to make maneuvering on narrow obstacles possible, and be built from stronger, heavier materials.

Downhill Mountain Biking

If you think downhill biking is all about kicking back, stretching your arms and cruising at a leisurely pace, think again. Even though it’s all downhill, biking down a mountain demands concentration, quick reflexes, and bike-handling skills much different than free-riding or city riding. It’s also a blast! Downhill mountain biking races involve racecourses that are designed for riders to speed down while navigating huge jumps, obstacles and more. It’s very similar to motor cross racing.
While it’s true that all bikes go downhill, bikes that provide the optimum ride for Downhill Mountain Biking have what is called full suspension. This means that the front and rear of the frame are equipped with shock absorbers.

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Bicycle Week 2019 – everyday biking for everyone

This particular June we’ re delighted to become teaming up with our friends with Cycling UK, to celebrate daily cycling for everyone. Whether you’ lso are from Moray or Monmouthshire, Brighton or Birmingham, you’ re asked to experience the freedom of 2 wheels and help others to find out the joys and benefits of bicycling. Cycling is fun, practically free of charge, easy […]

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2019 Australian Bike Summit

Christina Sorbello is Love to Ride’ h Regional Manager for Asia Pacific cycles.   As a graduate of the College of Social Entrepreneurs, she is interested in social impact and how effecting modify in local communities can mean transformative shifts for our cities. Christina got a trip to Melbourne for the 2019 Australian Bike Summit and amounts up […]

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Our own most popular program ever

Waaaay back in the beginning, in the early noughties, the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) was one of the very first partners to obtain behind the Workplace Cycle Problem concept that gave birth to some social business now known as Like to Ride. After 15 years of advancement, and expansion to 12 nations, Love to […]

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Writing Shasta’s Success Story

Healthful Shasta’ s Cameron Lievense includes a lot of love for Love to Trip.   The 2018 Shasta Bicycle Challenge was the first year Shasta County, California (population 177, 223) partnered with Love to Ride for May biking challenge and when mentioned the experience, Cameron gave us this particular super review. Over to you Cameron j.! “ The 2018 […]

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