Affiliate Disclosures

Affiliate Disclosures

At we firmly believe in the advertisement and promotion of products and services that we deem to be of value and interest to our website visitors. We actively seek out merchandise and products focused on providing top quality products, services and information to their customers. earns commissions or other forms of compensation from certain companies which we promote via product pages, guest posts, paid review posts, merchant promotions, product images and descriptions, banner links and text links. As an affiliate or associate of these companies we provide an integral service to them as an internet advertising publisher. The small commissions we earn do not affect the prices or fees set by these companies for the goods and services they sell. For example, if you click an Amazon product image or link selling and make a purchase after landing on their site, the price you pay will be exactly the same as if you landed on through any other means.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosures associate disclosure statement: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

The affiliate or associate links we provide our visitors are a Win-Win-Win Solution. As a visitor You Win by saving time and money shopping for your gifts. You save time by not having to search the internet for hours and you save money by shopping the sales events and special offers you’ll find linked on The Merchant Wins because by going to their website from one of our links you may make a purchase now or when you revisit them another time. Wins because we have earned a small commission which helps us pay the bills so we can continue providing gift suggestions to our site visitors and information to our blog followers. By visiting you automatically agree that you’ve read and acknowledge the content of this disclosure. Thanks for the support you provide by shopping our affiliate merchants.

It’s a Win-Win-Win!

Shopping Our Merchants It’s easy to shop our merchant partners. The special links we provide on will take you to the specific store and item you wish to see. Simply click the merchant advertisement, banner, product image, or text link and your browser will instantly take you there in a new window or tab. There are no additional steps if you decide to purchase the merchant’s product or service. Just use the merchant’s checkout as you normally would, and while you’re there feel free to shop their store and add anything else to your shopping cart that appeals to you. At you’re just a click away from some of the best merchant deals on the internet!

Merchant Privacy Policies

Every online merchant has their own privacy policy which states how they may use the information that you provide to them as a consumer. Each Merchant’s privacy policy is uniquely their own and may differ from ours and other online merchants. If you have not purchased from a certain merchant or are otherwise unfamiliar with their privacy policy then we recommend that you read their policy statements prior to making a purchase. obviously has no control how other online companies conduct business with consumers. For that reason we disclaim any knowledge of or responsibility for privacy concerns or issues which may occur between our associated merchants and their customers. To review our privacy policy please see the Privacy Policy.

Merchant Return Policies

The merchants we’re associated with each have their own return policies. Any and all consumer transactions, returns or exchanges you may undertake with our associated merchants are strictly between you and them. We advise all’s visitors to review the return policies of any merchant that you shop at as a result of clicking an ad, image, or any form of link on our website. As a visitor to you automatically agree to hold harmless, and’s owners and employees from any product defect, breakage, or other liability issue of any kind whatsoever which may result from purchasing from any of our associated merchants. Please see our Terms of Use for more information on this subject.