Ab Wheel Roller


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Sculpt your abs and upper body faster with the ProsourceFit Ab Wheel Roller. This upgraded version of a classic workout tool offers more comfortable hand grips, enhanced stability, and a non-slip rubber wheel. The smooth rolling provides an intense challenge to strengthen and tighten your entire core. split Forget doing hundreds of crunches! The ProsourceFit Ab Wheel Roller is a much more efficient way to build your six pack. Performing roll out exercises with this extra comfortable wheel strengthens not only your abs, but your back, arms, and shoulders as well. The destabilization of the roller requires you to use your entire core to maintain balance and proper form, which makes your muscles work harder for faster toning. Comfortable padded handles with finger grooves makes it easy to grip and control through multiple reps. A 2-inch thick rubber wheel provides excellent stability and smooth rolling with a non-slip grip to help keep you safe. The lightweight, compact size is perfect for using at home or taking with you to the gym. Stop crunching, start rolling! Strengthens & tones abdominal, shoulders, arms and back Thick, non-slip rubber wheel for stability Cushioned handles for comfortable grip Simple and effective for core strength Easy to assemble split Measurements: 11.5L x 7HMaterial: PP plastic, TPR rubber, steel split split https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0916/1708/files/AB_Wheel_Roller_Manual_Page_Order_09e65a47-8885-4f2d-bb6d-04d4541cdb36.pdf?732