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Experienced athletes know that a secure grip can make all the difference when it comes to sports like weight lifting, gymnastics, CrossFit, and rock climbing. ProsourceFit Gym Chalk provides the assistance you need by reducing moisture on the hands and creating a non-slip surface. ProsourceFitGym Chalk gives you one pound of professional grade chalk, enough to last through months of workouts, all at a low price. The magnesium carbonate chalk gives you a firm hand grip and non-slip surface for climbing, lifting, and swinging. It reduces moisture on your hands to help you improve athletically. Comes conveniently wrapped in eight 2 oz. blocks. Reduces hand moisture for a better grip Provides a dry, non-slip surface and decreases callous formation Perfect for weight lifting, gymnastics, CrossFit, and rock climbing 1 lb of professional grade chalk wrapped into eight 2 oz. blocks split Measurements:7.3″L x 7.1″W x 3.7″HMaterial: Magnesium CarbonateCare: Store in a dry place split