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Roll your way to a leaner set of abs with the ProsourceFit Ab Wheel. This classic piece of workout equipment is anything but simple, challenging your balance and strength to engage and tone your entire core and upper body. split The ProsourceFit Ab Wheel is an excellent way to strengthen your abs, back, arms, and shoulders. The roller creates an imbalance that requires your core to work hard to keep your body flat while moving forward and backward. Your upper body has to work just as hard to keep you stable, resulting in a multi-functional upper body exercise in just one move. The comfortable grip makes it easy to hold, and the dual wheel design offers stability throughout the exercise. Small, light, and inexpensive, the ab wheel is a great way to exercise on-the-go without breaking the bank. Strengthens abdominals, shoulders, arms and back Dual wheels allow for greater stability Comfortable, easy-to-grip handles Simple and extremely effective Fast and easy assembly split Measurements: 9.75L x 7.25HMaterial: ABS Plastic, PVC, Steel split split https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0916/1708/files/AB_Wheel_Manual_Page_Order_b493da6f-a90d-4ccd-b465-ab56eb9e392e.pdf?733