Fabric Loop Resistance Bands Set


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Tone, strengthen or shape thighs and glutes in comfort with the ProsourceFit Fabric Loop Resistance Bands Set. Made of cotton and spandex, these wide exercise bands won't roll up as you move and come in 3 color-coded resistance levels for all fitness levels. split Sculpt the legs and derriere you want with the revamped ProsourceFit Fabric Loop Resistance Bands Set. Unlike traditional loop bands made of latex that rolls or slides up as you exercise, the fabric resistance bands have a non-slip grip textured interior to ensure they stay put during squats, lunges or leg lifts. Ideal for thigh and glute workouts, these fabric workout bands are made of high quality cotton with spandex, and durably designed to keep their shape no matter how frequent or intense. Use at home or bring with you to the gym for resistance training anywhere. Just beginning? Use the lightest band and continually challenge muscles as you gain strength without having to buy extra equipment. Looking to get even stronger? Start with the medium band and work your way up. Whatever fitness level you are, these booty bands will have you reach your fitness goals in no time. Suitable for rehabilitation and strengthening, these workout bands are the ideal companion to enhance classic lower body exercises. Comes with a free convenient carrying case, the lightweight fabric loop bands measure 14.5″L x 3.15″W.Resistance Levels:Green – Light ResistanceGrey – Medium ResistanceBlack – Heavy Resistance Ideal for strengthening, toning and stretching lower body muscles Soft cotton fabric provides the ultimate comfort in resistance training Anti-slip grip interior prevents slipping or rolling during exercises Loop around calves, thighs, knees or ankles effortlessly Suitable for fitness, physical therapy or rehabilitation split Measurements: 14.5L X 3.15WMaterial: 45% Cotton, 55% SpandexUse & Care: Only hand wash or use washing machines without an agitator. Machine wash in cold water to prevent damaging the latex and air dry.