Rubber Medicine Ball


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Take your workouts to a new level with the dynamic challenge of ProSourceFit Weighted Medicine Balls. The comfortable grip and durability allow you to bounce, toss, and balance for a wide range of exercises resulting in improved strength, agility, and power. split Typical strength exercises can limit your movement, but ProSourceFit Weighted Medicine Balls allow you to work in all planes of motion and emphasize core strength and balance. Ranging from 4 to 12 pounds, you can adapt them to your workouts and level of strength, making them great for both beginner and advanced athletes. The rubber construction allows you to bounce them off of the ground or walls for explosive training, or toss them with a partner. Use like you would dumbbells for squats or sit ups, as well as for balance and coordination exercises and rehabilitation. The textured surface helps you to grip the ball easily so it won't slip from your hands even when you get sweaty. Strengthens and develops core muscles Improves coordination while building stamina and endurance Durable construction with textured surface for a stable grip Offered in a variety of weights for gradual progression to maximize workouts split Measurements: 4 lb – 6.5 Diameter 6 lb – 7.6 Diameter 8 lb – 8.5 Diameter 10 lb – 8.8 Diameter 12 lb – 9.2 DiameterMaterial: Rubber