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Working off the feast this Thanksgiving

Snake River Farms Feast On Table

Working off the feast this Thanksgiving

It’s very common in health culture to think you need to head out for a ride or hit a (home) gym for a sweat session to work off a big meal, especially around the holidays. And we’re so used to hearing about it, we don’t even realize how unhealthy this kind of negative mindset can be.

Santa Cruz Bicycle SaleIf you go for a ride every day and have plans to go out before the cooking starts, you should do whatever length of the ride makes you feel good.

If you don’t ride daily, or want to give yourself a day off, there’s no reason to force yourself out the door to “make room” for a meal—food is not earned by exercise.

One thing to note is that if you have a big workout on the next day, avoiding foods like high-fiber or high-fat options will be better for your workout.

Instead of focusing on working off your meal, reframe your mindset. Focusing on the intention of your meal. Thinking about what you’re most looking forward to, how you intend to carry out your intentions, or how to be gentle with yourself, can begin the reframing process.

Are you the kind of person weighing yourself as a health marker, remember that daily weight fluctuations are normal, no matter what type of meal you’ve eaten? Foods such as rolls or green bean casserole can be high in carbs or sodium, which causes your body to retain water.

OnePair Ryders Anywhere-Focusing on enjoying time with your household, relaxing during a pandemic, having the time to cook and prepare a meal, how nice it is to (virtually) engage with people, creating new traditions, and what your body can do as a result of fueling with enough energy via delicious food.





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