Doorway Pull-Up Bar


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Improve your upper body and core conditioning with a convenient and adjustable doorway pull-up bar that allows you to workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home. split This simple piece of exercise equipment equips your home for quick yet effective workouts to strengthen your entire upper body. Mount high for pull-ups and chin-ups, or low as an anchor for sit-ups and core strengthening. The adjustable ProsourceFit Doorway Pull-Up Bar fits any standard doorframe and holds up to 220 lb. Two soft foam grips provide a comfortable place for your hands and help prevent slipping. Comes with all necessary mounting hardware. Excellent for upper body conditioning Adjusts to fit any doorframe between 25 to 39; extends from 24 Features heavy duty construction with 2 cushioned foam grips Supports weight up to 220 lb. split Measurements: Adjustable from 24″ to 39″Material: Steel bar; foam gripsSupports weight up to 220 lb.Safety: Please make sure the pull-up bar is securely installed before exercising.