SR Bumper Plates (Single)


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If you're looking for solid rubber barbell plates that can take a beating at a budget-friendly price, ProSourceFit SR Bumper Plates are the perfect solution. Low bounce and durable construction makes them safe for indoor and outdoor use, and ideal for CrossFit, weight rooms and home gyms. split When you're performing heavy lifts, you need plates that can be dropped without damage and without hurting your floors. You'll also want to be able to load lots of plates onto a barbell without running out of room to keep building strength and making gains! ProSourceFit SR Bumper Plates are made with a narrow design so you can fit more onto a barbell. Our multipurpose solid rubber design with steel inserts is perfect for learning and improving Olympic lifts, as well as basic bodybuilding exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench press. Designed for low bounce with a durometer of 88, they won't fly when you drop them, making them safer to use than softer plates. Ideal for CrossFit, gyms and home workouts, the durable design withstands repeated drops without loud clanking or cracking floors. These training plates are a high quality, economical option for athletes on a budget. Perfect for home and commercial gyms Solid rubber with stainless steel inserts Fits barbells with 2-inch sleeves Warranty: 1 year split Durometer measurements indicate the density of the rubber and how much a plate bounces when dropped, with 100 being the hard with no bounce, and 65 being softer with a lot of bounce.Durometer measurement: 88 5 Collar opening:50.6mm 0.2mm Weight tolerance: 1%10LB: diameter:450mm2mm thickness: 25mm2mm 15LB: diameter:450mm2mm thickness: 32mm2mm 25LB: diameter:450mm2mm thickness: 46mm2mm 35LB: diameter:450mm2mm thickness: 58mm2mm 45LB: diameter:450mm2mm thickness: 72mm2mm Material: Rubber; Stainless steel inserts